FOULING: Pick up after your pets

Can I remind all dog walkers that you are obliged to bag all excrement from your dog and subsequently bin the bag.

Friday, 12th January 2018, 5:30 am

The amount of waste on our pavements is shameful.

It makes pushing a pram or pushchair all the more difficult and it is disgusting having to clean it off wheels before I go in my home, especially when I have to tend to children and prepare food for my family. Wheelchair users must face the same problem.

In the past fortnight someone let their dog mess in my front garden, while another fouled on my sister’s drive.

Perhaps there could be a name and shame campaign. Do others agree this would be a good deterrent? Current measures are not making enough of an impact.

If dog owners are not prepared to pick up after their pets, they simply shouldn’t have them.

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