Fracking dangerous and should not be allowed

I wonder how many of your readers know about the dangers of underground coal gasification (UCG) that is being proposed for the coal seams that underlay our coastline and out under the sea bed.

UCG is a process that burns coal while it is still underground using the heat generated from this to ‘cook’ other coal deposits, releasing carbon monoxide, hydrogen and methane, to be use as fuel, along with a range of poisonous compounds associated with coal tar and other pyrolysis by-products that can pollute not only the sea water but also our freshwater tables on land and the air above.

UCG does not only provide a great risk of pollution, the physical dangers include runaway burning of coal seams when control of the underground fires are lost, with the possibility of making our coastal towns uninhabitable.

There is also the possibilities of coastal tsunamis being created when the caverns left by the UCG process collapse into themselves.

It is to be hoped that local people will not be taken in by the propaganda of the UCG companies who promise everything from jobs bonanzas, lower fuel costs and economic growth.

All that UCG can offer the people of North Tyneside is a short term cosmetic patch for a long term problem.

The way to prevent this dangerous madness from blighting our coast is for people join together to object to UCG and other processes that have been clubbed together under the term ‘fracking’.

It would be nice if people took part in the ‘Frack Free Tyne & Wear’ campaign, information of which can be found on Facebook and ‘Frack Off UK’ can be found at

Martin Collins

North Tyneside Green Party