Get cover for your holidays

The summer holidays are upon us and more than 18 million people are travelling abroad. Most people will return, maybe a bit sunburnt, but safe.

A minority will suffer a health problem or a theft. Most will be covered by travel insurance and should be fine.

Others who fail to take out insurance could face crippling bills for health care and repatriation to the UK.

I am backing the campaign by the ABTA travel association and Foreign Office which alerts people to the need to spend a little money and have peace of mind on holiday.

Their research shows that many people take risks. You never know what’s round the corner and you could be injured through no fault of your own. Yet almost a quarter of all UK holidaymakers did not buy travel insurance last year. That rockets to nearly half of younger travellers between 17 and 24 not buying insurance.

Holidaymakers have a poor understanding of the true cost of medical treatment overseas. Half believe that it would, for example, cost around £5,000 to treat a broken leg in the USA. In reality, it would cost around eight times this amount. Furthermore, many wrongly believe that the European Health Insurance Card is a suitable alternative to insurance in Europe.

The lesson of this is brutally clear. If people don’t splash out a little cash for insurance then they could face dire consequences if something goes wrong.