Get our roads mocing again

When I began this dialogue several weeks ago, I didn’t want to become involved in the broo-ha-ha over the new lights at West Park, my comments were less locative and more specific: Traffic lights and road cones stopping traffic unnecessarily.

Since then, I’ve read with much frustration, but with little surprise, comments and explanations from people employed by the public to attend to the needs of the local majority.

Now I have to say this to them: ‘Don’t discredit us with the same ignorance that you are displaying, please’.

During the Seventies, my father was head of AEI/GEC’s Traffic Automation division in the north of England, so I was able to experience – first-hand – how efficiently and effectively traffic lights could be automatically controlled by traffic movement in an age when technology was, by today’s standards, Dickensian.

‘Ah!’ I hear you say, ‘It’s not that simple anymore!’

No, it’s not! It’s simpler; and it seems as if everyone knows it except the council’s contractors.

I’m certain that in under a week we could easily find any number of unemployed technicians here in North Tyneside who could efficiently and effectively fine-tune our traffic automation.

Their wage bill would be a pittance compared to the savings in electricity alone, never mind all of our commuter’s wasted hours and fuel.

Any suitable applicants for the post should maybe consider approaching North Tyneside Council in the first instance – and hopefully get signed-off and get our traffic moving again!

Keith Fisher

Preston Grange