Get over prejudice from years ago

My property in Percy Main is on the market as I wish to return down south.

I have lived in Percy Main for nine years and have not had any problems living there.

I live in a quiet and friendly situation and have always felt safe.

However, a potential buyer asked my estate agent to make an appointment for a viewing as the property, which has had an extension added, was ideal for what was needed and wanted as they were going to be looking after a family member.

One hour before the appointment was due, the viewer telephoned the estate agent and told them their partner would not think of viewing a property in my area.

Yes, I do live near an estate which had problems some 25 years ago, but all was sorted a long time ago.

I have driven and walked through the estate many times and attended the friendly community centre and have never had any problems whatsoever.

Many people do not know of the lovely park lands which go right down to the harbour.

Yet last week I read in the News Guardian that there had been a number of house burglaries in Whitley Bay, so are people now hesitating about living there?

People need to get over the prejudices of 25 to 30 years ago and start moving on.

Joan Pape

Percy Main