Give me same priviliges and I’ll pay to have waste removed

IN his letter (News Guardian ,July 19) Alan Rogers posed the question why a small rural village in Perthshire can continue to have its garden waste collected free of charge whilst North Tyneside Council propose to levy a charge from next year.

Could it possibly be because people living in Scotland receive £1,600 per annum per person in state spending more than people living south of the border under the Barnett formula?

Surely in these cash strapped times and with government looking for new ways to save money, pouring English residents tax receipts into Edinburgh’s coffers so that Scottish residents, including millionaires, can enjoy free university tuition fees, free care of the elderly, free prescription charges and free hospital parking etc should be examined very carefully.

Give me the same privileges as our neighbours north of the border and I will happily pay £25 a year to have my garden waste taken away.


Whitley Bay