Government is not ignoring region

The 2015 General Election is certainly not predictable at this stage and we are being given the opportunity to read, hear and see through the media all the parties’ propaganda to enable us to make a credible choice on polling day in May.

It is therefore interesting to know that the Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Tynemouth, Glenn Hall, has been doing some factual and interesting research into specific areas of current interest in the borough.

Involvement in local matters is what an MP is elected to do and this is evident in the decision to at last upgrade parts of the A1, and this has been driven by other MPs and public involvement.

North Tyneside Council has now received further funding for the Spanish City island and coastal regeneration from the government.

The government is not ignoring the north east, quite to the contrary, and employment is going up, manufacturing is improving and our health services are some of the best in the country.

Councils and democracy are constantly evolving and as the General Election draws nearer, it is the commitment and passion for a constituency that will eventually take issues forward, improve the environment and the lives of the people living in this beautiful coastal area and give people new aspiration and enjoyment for their lives.

Heather Carr

Whitley Bay