Grant to refurbish sailing club’s base

A borough club is celebrating after receiving £60,000 from SITA Trust to help refurbish its clubhouse.

Tynemouth Sailing Club will use the money will help provide insulation, double glazing, new heating and other improvements to a 1970’s building which is described as tired, cold and grossly energy inefficient.

Mike Shipway, vice-commodore and training principal at the club, said: “We are very grateful to SITA Trust for this grant.

“It will make the club much more presentable and useable, not just for our existing members but also for our school partners and local community hirers.

“These improvements are part of our plans to make the club more attractive and welcoming to new members and to double our activity over the next five years.”

Marek Gordon, chief executive and chairman of SITA Trust, added: “We are delighted to have been able to support this project through our Landfill Communities Fund.

“This important source of funding has been available since 1997 and has provided such worthy projects with more than £1.2bn.”

The organisation’s funding is available for projects that enhance communities and enrich nature.

Tynemouth Sailing Club runs ‘taster’ sessions and nationally recognised beginners’ training courses.

It also provides sailing experience and training for a number of local schools in the borough.