Grateful for all the donations in-store

On behalf of Angels of the North, I would appreciate the opportunity to publicly thank customers at Morrisons Preston Grange and Morrisons Whitley Bay for their generous responses to charity appeals there over the last two weeks, when the excellent total of £6,350.41 was raised.

I would also like to thank the management and staff at both stores for their usual help and co-operation, which we are always extremely thankful for.

In the current difficult financial times, when commercial concerns are having to reduce their support for charities, it is extremely important that voluntary organisations redouble their efforts to help worthwhile causes.

This is only possible with the generous help of members of the general public.

Angels of the North is a registered charity that provides medical aid and the relief of hardship through grants, goods and services to those in need and is a full member of the National Council for Voluntary Organisations and the Fundraising Standards Board.

With renewed thanks.

Barbara Connors-Fowler

Hon Chief Executive Officer

Angels of the North