Grateful to all who attended my aunt

On Wednesday, December 10, my aunt Edna Dobinson had a fall in Whitley Bay and broke her hip and shoulder.

She was unable to move due to her injuries, however, various passers-by stopped to give assistance and wait with her for the ambulance.

I would like to thank all those people, in particular the lady who saw her fall and phoned for the ambulance then waited with my aunt the one and a half hours it took for the ambulance to arrive.

I believe she was called Jane, also thanks to Stan for covering my aunt with his coat (a particularly selfless act considering how very cold and windy it was that day).

Thanks also to the workmen who put some of their sheets over her.

These thoughtful actions probably saved her from hypothermia.

Thanks also to the two other gentlemen who stopped to help, the vicar and the police plus anyone else I’ve missed out.

My aunt is recovering in hospital and is very grateful to you all.

Kath Richards

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