GRATITUDE: Kind act shows we should be trusting

A few days ago, during the inclement weather, as I attempted to pack my weekly shop into my mobility scooter, I was approached by two men of possible Middle Eastern origin.

One of them asked if I needed any help. When I answered in the affirmative and thanked him, his reply was that if his mother ever required any help he hoped she would be offered the same.

The second man then established that he could return my trolley to its rightful place without the need to give me a £1 coin.

I thanked them again and they left.

Taking these kind offers of help at face value turned out to be a useful and pleasant experience.

As the world gets smaller, with the mix of various nationalities more apparent, who do we trust?

Perhaps each of us should ask that question of ourselves, after all, trust has to start somewhere.

Mrs E Smith

Whitley Bay