Grey Pride campaign still in need of support

I WOULD like to thank all your readers for their support of Anchor’s ‘Grey Pride’ campaign.

Thanks to support from this region, our national petition calling for a Minister for Older People to help end the prejudices faced by the elderly has now been signed by more than 40,000 people.

We want to get 100,000 signatures so it’s more likely the campaign will be discussed in the House of Commons.

I hope readers, young and old, who haven’t signed the petition will do so online at

Alternatively, please call in and sign the petition at Laurel Court in Norfolk Street, North Shields.

We hope the Minister would be called upon when the Cabinet discusses such issues as local authority cuts, pensions, funding for care, closure of rural post offices and libraries.

There is a Minister for Women and a Minister of State for Children and Families, but as it stands, no one individual is responsible for ensuring older people’s issues are given the priority they deserve.

Thank you for your support.


North Shields