Group acts on climate change

Alan Campbell MP.
Alan Campbell MP.

Last week was the Climate Change Coalition’s Week of Action.

I joined supporters at the start of their guided tour of Cullercoats, where friends and allies could discuss their concerns about climate change.

The coalition includes agencies like CAFOD, the official aid agency of the Catholic Church.

It works to prevent climate change pushing people deeper into poverty and to promote the transition to sustainable energy.

The coalition’s aim is to reaffirm Britain’s role as a global climate leader, and specifically, to ensure all government departments work together to produce an ambitious emissions reduction programme that will meet the Climate Change Act targets.

The group believes that the advent of a new government is the ideal opportunity to refresh the UK’s commitment to tackling the climate change issue.

In case this seems a highbrow, complex science matter about far off places of which we know little, think again.

It is also about unlocking the potential of local and community produced energy.

It’s about making our homes more energy efficient, keeping us warmer and healthier in the process.

And it’s about cutting vehicle emissions, which keeps our streets cleaner and healthier.

The challenge is great, not least because the president of the world’s leading power in the United States of America doesn’t believe in climate change.

And at the same time, the UK is seeking to exit the organisation which has helped guarantee higher environmental standards.

However, the longest walk begins with the first small step, so good luck to local Climate Change Coalition supporters.