Hands off – Percy Park is not for car parking

WHILST we agree with TM2 residents’ hard won parking needs, to say that the least used piece of land is the field by Percy Park Road, Percy Park, is ridiculous (News Guardian, December 8).

Why should car owners rule? The biggest problem is at the weekends with selfish drivers who do not care about anyone else but themselves.

TM2 residents at least have parking permits, we don’t.

It is a joy to watch youngsters and their parents playing football, cricket or families having picnics, people enjoying themselves.

It all happens on the green at Percy Park. So hands off.

Diagonal parking might seem a good idea but it wouldn’t free up many spaces. What then? Take a bit of the green? Absolutely not!

The biggest waste of space regarding parking is the land at Tynemouth Station.

If the council and Nexus got together to plan a park and ride it could be really good.

Leave Percy Park alone.