Hard won daytime parking needs to be protected

IT is with considerable anger and total disbelief that I learned that North Tyneside Council is to revoke our hard-earned rights to protected parking.

The council has chosen to take note of a Tynemouth Business Forum (TBF) petition regardless of how factual the case presented may have been.

I can not believe that there has been any reduction in the number of people visiting Tynemouth; they are simply parking a little farther out.

Front Street is busy at weekends, the station market is thriving and chip shop queues on a fine day question the claims.

If patrons are saying “I cannot find anywhere to park”, what they are really saying is they do not like walking more than a few yards.

I can believe that Tynemouth businesses are not doing as well as they have done, but they are not on their own.

We are in the grip of the worst recession this country has seen for decades.

You cannot completely blame this misfortune on the introduction of parking restrictions.

There is mention of businesses closing. Significant inflation affecting food and energy prices has meant a real reduction in the ‘spare’ money that people have.

A few businesses in Tynemouth sell non-essentials, others sell quite expensive goods. These will have been the first to feel the effects of the recession.

I counted more than 30 businesses that sell food, tea/coffee and/or alcohol. I suggest there is too much competition for the recessionary situation we are in.

I live in a TM2 street and was delighted with the benefits we gained at weekends.

To remove the daytime element of restrictions in TM2 will take away all of those benefits.

Prior to this scheme coming into force, residents were very reluctant to move their cars on a Saturday and Sunday as there was nowhere to park on ones return.

Shopping had to be carried from two streets away, or the car stopped in the middle of the street with hazard lights on while you got abuse from a visitor driving behind you.

This daytime change will allow two very annoying practices to return:

1. People coming to Tynemouth to drink on a Friday night, dumping their cars in our street and coming back for them one or two days later and robbing us of places to park in our street.

2. People parking in back lanes right across, or directly opposite to garage doors preventing the occupier getting their car out.

In conclusion, the number of additional spaces that would be made available to visitors by allowing daytime access in the TM2 streets would be a mere handful, but would put us right back to square one as regards the ability to go out and re-park on ones return.

By all means look for additional parking, but not by the means the council has just voted for.

Since the allotments disappeared in the 1950s, the least used piece of land in Tynemouth is the field bounded by Percy Park, Percy Park Road and Seafield View.

Moving the pavements in by two metres along Percy Park and Percy Park Road would allow angled parking, just as takes place alongside in front of Prior School.

This would add a significant number of spaces. I cannot see there being any loss of amenity.

I sincerely hope common sense will prevail, that businesses start to realise what is actually causing their problems (recession) and that no changes are made to our hard won and very necessary protected daytime parking.


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