Health award for college bosses

TyneMet College has been awarded ‘Continuing Excellence’ status for its commitment to staff health and well-being.

Bosses were presented with the award at the North East Better Health and Work Awards.

The award endorses workplaces that motivate employees to develop a sustainable culture of health and well-being.

After undergoing a recent assessment the College was thrilled to realise its continuous commitment to developing a healthy working and learning environment for staff and students had helped them to upgrade from a Gold award to Continuing Excellence status.

Organisations are assessed on a set of criteria including identifying ‘health advocates’ from within their staff body, providing support to help staff to stop smoking, creating a better awareness of how health can be affected by work activities, conducting a health needs assessment with employees and running health improvement campaigns.

For the higher level awards organisations are required to have systems and procedures in place to monitor and improve workforce health as well as promoting health within their wider community and to families of the workforce.

Sam Haley, director of learner services at the college, said: “We are so excited to receive Continuing Excellence status, this award is testament to the specialist staff and procedures that we have put in place to ensure that we provide a safe and healthy working and learning environment for both our staff and students.

“We value our staff and realise that we have a commitment to them to promote ‘better health at work’ and we will continue to support healthy lifestyle options to the best of our ability.”