Health group look to make improvements

New measures could be introduced to improve health services for residents.

NHS North Tyneside Clinical Commission Group (CCG) is considering what improvements can be made to the way the NHS works together to support patients with the highest needs.

New models of care – being developed to deliver quality, cost effective care for residents – were discussed at a recent meeting involving clinical leaders.

Dr Martin Wright, medical director of NHS North Tyneside CCG and local GP, said the top four per cent of patients with complex medical needs account for more than 50 per cent of NHS resources.

Dr Wright said: “This is a very exciting opportunity to look at how we currently work and how we can change the way we work across local NHS services to better support the patient who need our care and support the most.

“We already know the NHS could be better joined up and we could make much better use of the resources we have.

“By taking time out to look at the challenges and how working together as groups of doctors, nurses, social care and other partners, we can really think how we can do things differently.”