Teen pregnancy research praised

students have been praised for their research into ante-natal care and teenage pregnancy.

Health and social care students at Wallsend’s Tyne Metropolitan College have been given a pat on the back by Anne Tierney, a teenage pregnancy and adolescent sexual health co-ordinator for North Tyneside.

The UK has one of the highest levels of unplanned teenage pregnancies in the world, and North Tyneside has one of the highest figures in the country.

Work carried out by TyneMet students was reviewed by health professionals, and Anne went along to the Battle Hill Drive college to congratulate them and discuss the issues involved further.

Anne said: “We were really impressed by their work, and we thought it worthwhile to come and talk to the group to run through their project and talk in more detail about their research.

“Teenage pregnancy rates are falling locally and nationally, but there is still more work to do to provide young people with all the information they need to make an informed choice.”

Course lecturer Helen Little added: “A fourth-year medical student now wants to work with our students and form a focus group which will look at contraception.

“This will really enhance their learning experience and give them a chance to work with professionals in the local community.”