HELP: Kindness of a stranger

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After finishing my stint at Wilko, Killingworth, helping to raise money for Guide Dogs, my guide dog and I, with a puppy walker friend and her five-month-old pup, were making our way to her car when a tremendous gust of wind caught me, turned me around and deposited me on the road, amazingly still on my feet.

I got such a shock I couldn’t move. A lovely lady called Jenny rushed over and grabbed me. She had witnessed the incident and realised my plight. She held my arm until we got to my friend’s car.

Both my fantastic guide dog and I were traumatised, but things could have been much worse without Jenny’s help.

So let’s stop bellyaching about stuff, get out there and lend a helping hand, just like the lovely Jenny.

Irene Maloney and guide dog Breeze

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