Help over Freeview TV problems

Brought to you by the News Guardian.
Brought to you by the News Guardian.

Residents who are suffering a loss of Freeview signal in Whitley Bay are being offered help.

New 4G mobile services are known to cause interference – including loss of sound, pictures going blocky, or freezing – in TVs and set-top boxes using Freeview.

After being set-up under government direction, at800 offers free support to households that rely on Freeview for their TV to resolve 4G related interference problems.

at800 also offers extra support for the elderly and those that receive disability premiums. For more visit

Ben Roome, CEO of at800, said: “We want to ensure that people know it’s our role to fix Freeview interference caused by 4G at 800 MHz, and that there’s no charge for our service.

“If you rely on Freeview for TV, we can arrange for one of our accredited engineers to visit homes to fix Freeview interference caused by 4G signals, free of charge.

“If you use Freeview alongside other TV services, we can send free filters which block mobile signals that are easy to fit to the aerial lead connecting to TVs and set-top boxes.”

People who live in communal properties should contact at800 and also advise their landlords.

at800 can provide free filters to landlords but property managers are responsible for the cost of fitting these.

For more information call 0808 13 13 800.