Helping engineer a potential career

Whitley Bay students engineering an oil rig design to sustain weights.
Whitley Bay students engineering an oil rig design to sustain weights.

Students have been given a hands-on approach to ways to address any skills gap in the engineering industry.

Fabricom Offshore Services invited 16 Year 10 students at Whitley Bay High School to their head office in Longbenton as part of ‘World of Work Day’.

The pupils were taught about the importance of the oil and gas industry and got to meet two of the six apprentices taken on by the company last September.

Elaine Roy, learning and development lead at Fabricom, said: “It is essential that we as a business embrace the local communities and help to broaden the career aspirations of local young people.

“We do this by helping them relate the subjects they enjoy at school to a real-world careers experience and highlight job opportunities available to them such as our apprenticeships or graduate schemes.

“The students thoroughly enjoy the experience, gaining additional skills while having fun and are given the opportunity to ask lots of questions to people already carrying out the jobs that they are interested in.

“The STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) work also helps us to develop our existing staff by providing them with additional skills gained when designing and delivering the various activities.”

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