Helping people with dementia

About 800,000 people are living with dementia across the UK. It is one of the saddest aliments for them and their families. The shell of the person remains intact but their personality painfully evaporates.

I recently took part in an event at the Commons with 200 MPs and representatives from the Alzheimer’s Society to raise awareness and to allow public representatives to pledge support for action to help people with dementia and their carers.

In seeking to increase awareness of dementia, I have committed myself to help people with dementia play a full role in the community and for the concerns of their carers to be heard.

I will also campaign for better dementia care and work with the Alzheimer’s Society to improve support for people with dementia.

I will do my bit to tackle the stigma attached to dementia. It could happen to any of us at any time and should be a much bigger political and health issue for society.

I will visit an Alzheimer’s Society service and meet constituents living with dementia. The priority is to improve dementia diagnosis rates.

I will specifically support the development by the Alzheimer’s Society of Dementia Friends. If you are interested in becoming a Dementia Friend or helping create more communities that are dementia friendly, go to to find your nearest information session or to volunteer as a Dementia Friends Champion.