History behind the new housing

We read with interest the letters concerning the new traffic lights at Wellfield where the new TaylorWimpey development is being built.

Of particular interest was Phil Scott’s (Head of Environment and Leisure at North Tyneside Council) letter published on June 19.

Mr Scott appears to try to absolve the council of blame but is omissive in his letter.

On June 14, 2010, the Core Strategy Preferred Options Document was approved for consultation by former Mayor Linda Arkley’s Cabinet and included this site.

Councillors in her Cabinet that day included current councillors Ed Hodson, David Lilly, Pam McIntyre, Leslie Miller and Judith Wallace – all councillors representing coastal wards.

On June 27, 2011, the report to the Planning Committee by Planning Officer Aidan Dobinson-Booth was ‘minded to grant’ permission and, in Appendix 1 of the report the Manager of New Developments (Highways) was supportive of the application ‘provided lights were installed’.

Nonetheless, the Planning Committee rejected the application.

The developers went to appeal and, we were told, on legal advice from the Council’s own legal department in a meeting held behind closed doors, the Committee felt obliged to withdraw the objections and so the development was allowed to go ahead.

Thus, the Planning Committee did oppose the application but officers of the Council and the former Mayor Linda Arkley and her Cabinet were clearly in favour of this development.

Holystone Action Group