Holly is first child to walk off with award

Holly Newby receives her Charles Maher Award from national charity Living Streets.
Holly Newby receives her Charles Maher Award from national charity Living Streets.

A schoolgirl has become the first child to win a national award for those encouraging their community to walk more.

Holly Newby, a pupil at Percy Main Primary School, has been awarded the Charles Maher Award by national charity Living Streets.

The ten-year-old is an Eco School Green Ambassador for Travel and involved in the school’s Walk once a Week (WoW) scheme.

Headteacher John Walsh said: “We are incredibly proud of Holly winning the award. She has been a great ambassador for our school and the Schools Go Smarter initiative.

“Her hard work and commitment have meant everyone in our school is behind the drive for safe and healthy active travel.”

Holly said: “I was astonished to know that I won the award. I have enjoyed my work with the team.

“WoW is a fantastic idea because it addresses healthy living and as part of our Eco-Schools work it addresses global issues about the environment.”

Joe Irvin, chief executive of Living Streets, said: “What an inspiration Holly is.

“I’m really pleased to have presented her with the Charles Maher Award for the work she does in her local community.

“Holly really deserves the recognition Percy Main Primary has given her and I hope she continues her hard work with WoW.”

Mayor Norma Redfearn said: “It’s fantastic to see someone from North Tyneside receive this prestigious accolade.

“Holly has gone the extra mile to champion active and sustainable travel to her peers and the local community and demonstrated real commitment and passion that we can all learn from.

“Every one of us can contribute to more sustainable travel, whether by taking a more healthy travel option by walking and cycling more, or as a motorist being smarter about where we park so we keep our streets safe places to walk and cycle.

“We’d like to say well done from everyone at North Tyneside Council and Schools Go Smarter on a very special achievement.”