HOROSCOPE 2016: What does the year ahead hold for you?

Horoscope 2016.
Horoscope 2016.

Find out what your horoscope says is in store for you in 2016.

ARIES (March 21 - April 20): You relish challenges, Aries, and you will not be short of those this year! While you have the incentive, New Year’s resolutions should include more or different exercise activities to jazz up your fitness. Both spring and midsummer see you travelling to descend on pastures new and exciting. Loves may come and go in a steep but delightful learning curve. Your most romantic time comes in September when Jupiter and Libra conspire to create greater permanence. Love that you find then sticks. By putting extra thought and energy into your work and finances, a good balance will soon be achieved. Promotions are likely or a move to gain more experience. Any discord with colleagues may need to be dealt with before you feel in control. Always look for the best opportunities and options so that there is a plan B. No-one said that this year would be boring, did they? Confidence and determination are the keys to your future, Aries. OVERALL: A YEAR FOR BOTH CELEBRATION AND CONSOLIDATION. STICKING TO YOUR BELIEFS AND PLANS SHOWS OTHERS JUST HOW CONFIDENT YOU ARE.

TAURUS (April 21 - May 21): Determination is one of your strong points, Taurus, and it is the way forward for you this year! You will also need some patience, although with expansive Jupiter on your tail, not for too long. Attracting love and romance like a magnet, it is possible to be spoilt for choice but, as you can afford to be choosy, be so! Additions to the family and, if you get out and about, an abundance of new friends are the icing on your cake. As the year begins, you may seek reassurance on spiritual or religious matters. A realisation comes in the autumn. Explore and learn! When it comes to work, you are in an adventurous frame of mind. Changes that could benefit you can be discussed, especially during March. Relationships with colleagues take a turn for the better and could generate some long-term friends. You may decide to look into being your own boss, and a partnership with a workmate would not be out of the question. Listen carefully to your instincts when it comes to money, especially investments. Intuition and sharp-mindedness are the key to your future, Taurus. OVERALL: A YEAR WHEN OPPORTUNITY REALLY DOES COME KNOCKING. SOME THINGS YOU WILL ONLY GET ONE SHOT AT. MAKE IT COUNT.

GEMINI (May 22 - June 21): A fast-moving mind and body see you whizzing through the year ahead, Gemini. In your usual entertaining way, you gather friends and admirers. You also gather knowledge as your mind will be especially sharp. Trying to find out everything about everything sees some stunning interactions. These will, of course, extend to your love life, which, in the spring, has Mars tugging you in all directions. Passions that can no longer be tolerated need to change. Be strong. A message from Venus urges you to look around and get your priorities right. Good passions come suddenly. Don’t commit now. Enjoy! Part of your energy and incentive comes from the influence of Uranus. Boredom is not an option for either of you. A strong turn on finances is overdue and welcome. All that you need here is to be practical and not overstep yourself. Being creative leads you in a new direction in the summer. How being involved with art or words can change your attitude comes home to you. Who would have thought it? You remember something in the past and wish that it had been different. Relax. We all make mistakes. Creativity and flexibility are the keys to your future, Gemini. OVERALL: A YEAR WHEN LOOKING BACK ONLY CONVINCES YOU THAT YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT TIME AND RIGHT PLACE NOW. ARE YOU COUNTING THOSE BLESSINGS? YOU WILL BE.

CANCER (June 22 - July 22): Although you like to do things your way and stay in charge Cancer, this year sees you being more flexible. Right from the ‘off’ Mars is pushing you to make progress. There is plenty of energy and incentive to keep you going. Passions spin around you and create a maelstrom of romance and intrigue. The summer could bring someone exciting, but a bit questionable into your life. Confide your thoughts and feelings to friends who can give a balanced opinion. A lost love from the past may haunt your dreams, but the reality is that what fails once probably will again. Blips and bumps in your working life are irritating but ultimately lead to real progress. Although ambitions seem to be taking a back seat to home life, that could change. Looking for a firmer basis to work from, it could be decided that you will change jobs or even the area where you live. Any lull career-wise should be filled by learning and, if possible, fact-finding travel. Family continue to be feisty and keep you on your toes. Work with young relatives and share your knowledge. Flexibility and optimism are the keys to your future, Cancer. OVERALL: A YEAR WHEN GETTING A BALANCE BETWEEN FAMILY AND CAREER IS CRUCIAL. IT’S SIMPLE REALLY IF YOU STATE YOUR CASE AND SHOW THAT YOU EXPECT CONSIDERATION.

LEO (July 23 - August 23): Your talent for seeking attention and taking pride in your endeavours swings things in your favour this year, Leo. Bringing others to you could, however, cause some jealousy. Strident Mars encourages you to make the most of any romantic situation as passions flare. Both spring and early summer see changes in your love life that you are unlikely to resist! Throughout the year, artistic and spiritual feelings serve to heal any past hurt and propel you forward on a smoother path. Will your soul mate be on that path? Make it so. Sorting out finances is made easier by the presence of Jupiter who encourages attention to detail and well-kept paperwork. Flashes of light-heartedness and love may conspire to sidetrack you from being practical. Take a tip from those who know. Deal with money matters sooner rather than later. Why? Fast moves on the family front in late summer through winter bring extra responsibilities and maybe even a new family member. Life may be full of surprises but you take them in your stride. Family and social connections are the key to your future, Leo. OVERALL: A YEAR WHEN SO MANY IMPORTANT THINGS COME TOGETHER. YOU SHOULD FEEL MORE OF A WHOLE PERSON THAN YOU EVER HAVE BEFORE. THIS IS CONTENTMENT.

VIRGO (August 24 - September 23): Not much gets past you, Virgo and your attention to detail stands you in good stead in the year ahead. Life will take on a larger-than-life feeling as Jupiter puts a fire under your tail. Standing still is not an option. As the year begins, take the opportunity to tidy up your health and beauty regime. Spring and summer bring some urgency in the search for a soul mate. The question is, will you try to improve a current relationship or cut your losses? Long-held secrets about someone close could bring a stunning midsummer. Your actions now could cause a split or create indifference. It depends on your reaction. Advice from a relative can give a balanced picture. There are so many good things going on that you do not have time to dwell on the past anyway. Later months do not see a slowing down in either your ambitions or creativity. Observe those around you and find out how they ‘tick’ to gain an advantage. Observation and communication are the keys to your future, Virgo. OVERALL: A YEAR WHEN YOU FEEL MORE IN CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE AND FUTURE THAN EVER BEFORE. A FEELING OF POWER ALSO TRANSLATES TO AN AURA OF ATTRACTIVENESS.

LIBRA (September 24 - October 23): Being in control all the time is really not your forte, Libra. However, if you see any kind of injustice you will always say your piece! This year there is plenty to grab your attention. A strong social conscience sees you championing those less fortunate. Indeed, involvement with a charity could bring new romance into your life! Love is slow-burning through spring and summer. Don’t lose heart. If you already have a partner, late summer sees surprises galore with new beginnings. With autumn and through winter, social connections bring optimism and financial rewards. Neptune is still influencing matters at work and maybe confusing home and career life. Be strong and know when to say ‘no’ in either area. Opportunities to make some serious cash do not come every day. When you see an opportunity, be ready for it! The chances are that you will be in a loving position with your soul mate long before November and not before time. Here is your pleasure peak. Enjoy! Communication and optimism are the keys to your future, Libra. OVERALL: A YEAR WHEN NOT EVERYTHING GOES TO PLAN. MAYBE THAT IS BECAUSE YOUR PLAN WAS TOO DULL? YOU WILL CERTAINLY BE SHAKEN OUT OF THAT RUT.

SCORPIO (October 24 - November 22): Being so well-tuned and instinctual to others helps you to solve many problems in this new year, Scorpio. Start with your own first. With Mars on your tail right through to spring, be hot off the blocks when it comes to romance. Passion is your second name and your sex appeal is stratospheric! Instincts will be sharp though and anyone who tries to pull the wool over your eyes will be in for a shock. The beginning of the summer lays an old worry to rest and sees the start of a much more relaxed period. Keep those finances in mind as Saturn urges caution. At some point, though, you may need to spend to grow. Legal matters need tying up, and tightly. Any situations or work colleagues that blunt your ambition can be very upsetting. Rather than suffer long-term problems you should think in a different way. Could you start your own business or work part time? Freedom of mind is what you are seeking now. That achieved, you will be in a position to grow. Determination and instinctiveness are the keys to your future, Scorpio. OVERALL: A YEAR OF MOVEMENT AND GROWTH. THERE ARE SOME STEEP LEARNING CURVES HERE. LET YOUR ENERGY BUILD UP FOR WHEN YOU NEED IT. STAY HEALTHY.

SAGITTARIUS (November 23 - December 21): With such a great personality, you never do things by half, Sagittarius! Because of that, this year will bring you adventures aplenty. In every sphere you will be given the chance to advance and expand. Start by taking advantage of Jupiter’s influence right through to summer’s end. Expand your personal life, love and business in sensible ways. Take some chances, be a legal eagle and stay organised. Love and the unknown mingle to create a fusion of emotional fantasies. A strong basis for both work and family life bring a situation to dream about. From here you are able to fly! Seek out positive people and projects, always moving forward. This summer and autumn are also a time of looking back and realising how lucky you are in the present time. Living in the moment brings romance, opportunities and energies that may have been lacking. Thank Uranus for keeping you on your toes and dancing! Loving and living life to the full is the key to your future, Sagittarius. OVERALL: A YEAR OF EXCITING TIMES AND LINGERING MEMORIES. WHATEVER YOU DO YOUR HEART WILL BE IN IT. THAT IS WHAT YOU CALL REAL PASSION.

CAPRICORN (December 22 - January 20): If there are responsibilities to be taken on, Capricorn, you will be first on the scene! It makes you a great friend, spouse or parent. In this coming year, however, it is only fair that you let your hair down a little more. Intersperse intense work activities with cool and calm ‘down’ time. Get some kind of rhythm going here. Earth-shattering romance is unlikely unless you are already matched. You are likely to be concentrating on building an amazing future for yourself and yours. Jupiter is heralding growth and expansion for you. This could mean a fair bit of travelling, a bit to learn and a bit to work. Those who stay put will grow by taking on extended education to build their experience base. If all of this sounds serious, you don’t feel it to be so. Fun certainly comes into it and you see just how those vivid dreams could come true! Family needs more attention than usual but if you stay organised this will fit in fine. Perseverance and determination are the keys to your future, Capricorn. OVERALL: A YEAR OF EXPANSION AND SELECTIVITY. YOU WILL NOT TOLERATE SECOND BEST IN ANYTHING. THESE HIGH STANDARDS WILL BE YOUR CALLING CARD AND YOUR FORTUNE.

AQUARIUS (January 21 - February 19): Your industrious brain seeks out and solves life’s problems, be they your own or someone else’s. It’s a theme that runs through this new year, Aquarius! Bear in mind that it is best to sort out yourself first and be organised. The influence of Mars should not be underestimated in the months to come. Both confidence and energy are on your side. Your attraction comes from a dynamic approach. You give the impression of charm and intelligence and like attracts like! Again in the later months, travel could take you away from home. Try to avoid getting into an awkward liaison with a colleague. Be sure that the memories that you are making are ones that you will not want to forget! Of course, temptation is natural when others find you so attractive! Decide what you really need as opposed to thinking what you want. You see, decisions can be easy when you think about it! Adventure and belief in yourself are the keys to your future, Aquarius. OVERALL: A YEAR FULL OF TRICKS AND TRIANGLES: SOME SPIKY PEOPLE BUT SOME LOVING AND KIND ONES ALSO. BE SURE THAT YOU KNOW THE DIFFERENCE. GIVE YOURSELF TIME.

PISCES (February 20 - March 20): Being such an intuitive person, the feelings of others can become very mixed up with your own. This makes you sympathetic and caring but also causes anguish. Your task in the year ahead is to avoid negative people and places. Those with partners will lay down incredible memories. Singles are given the chance to meet that special someone, albeit in a strange place! Keep in mind those positive people. Seek them out. When it comes to your career there will be times when you feel like jumping off the roundabout. Mars and its crazy energy can be intense. Some activity feels like too much too soon, but wait! The pace slows in late summer and you see just what you have achieved. Be pleased. Praise is due. Changes need to be carefully considered and always have that plan B in mind. Be flexible both professionally and emotionally. Confidence and intuition are the keys to your future, Pisces. OVERALL: A YEAR FULL OF DELIGHT AND SURPRISES. SEE CHANGES AS A CHALLENGE RATHER THAN A CHORE. YOU CAN DO SO MUCH MORE, AND YOU WILL!