Hospital car parking system is ridiculous

There have now been complaints in your paper about the car parking system at North Tyneside General Hospital for four consecutive weeks.

The sudden change from a user friendly token system to the dictatorial method now in force has resulted in confusion and the imposition of harsh and unfair penalties.

Several members of staff including the hospital chaplaincy staff have been caught out by this unbending money scam. These are people who would never knowingly ignore the parking rules.

At a time when finances are stretched, who allowed an immediate 50 per cent increase in parking charges anyway?

This must place tremendous strain on people either attending regular appointments or visiting sick relatives sometimes every day.

It is not surprising that people have failed to see notice boards, particularly in the dark, and would thus have been deprived of reading a mixture of instruction and threat that would not appear out of place in a Gestapo operations manual.

The mayor has expressed an interest in hearing what people have to say about issues in North Tyneside. I feel this is one that might be of interest. Ward councillors don’t apparently seem to have much to say about it.

As well as the cost, the present system of entering the car parks is ridiculous and totally unsuitable for gaining access to an otherwise most excellent hospital.

Frank Clayforth

North Shields