HOSPITAL: Consultation is required

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The proposal from North Tyneside Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) to permanently close the overnight urgent care walk-in service at North Tyneside General Hospital is not acceptable.

We are in full agreement with the motion presented to North Tyneside Council on November 23, which requested the elected mayor to challenge the proposal and to seek a full and comprehensive public consultation about this important issue.

It is extremely positive that North Tyneside councillors voted unanimously to challenge the CCG plan and attention has now shifted to the mayor to take this forward.

Keep Our NHS Public North East has informed North Tyneside CCG of its grave concerns regarding the proposal, and we are also meeting North Tyneside Healthwatch.

A public rally is taking place in North Shields town centre, which has been called with specific regard to the North Tyneside CCG proposal.

The two North Tyneside MPs have publicly voiced their dissatisfaction with the proposal and the fact that the opinion of residents has not been properly sought.

The CCG ‘engagement’ period of the last month is generally regarded as being disrespectful. The residents of North Tyneside deserve full consultation and it is wholly unacceptable that this has not taken place.

Apart from the obvious practical and clinical issues around the accessibility of healthcare, it does feel that local democracy has been overridden by North Tyneside CCG.

There is now a groundswell of opinion against the North Tyneside CCG proposal and the associated process, and we now look to the North Tyneside mayor to take this further.

John Whalley

Co-ordinator Keep Our NHS Public North East