HOSPITAL: We are lucky to have such care

There have been a few letters in the News Guardian recently praising the care and facilities at North Tyneside Hospital, Rake Lane. Our experience as a family of the new Emergency Care Hospital at Cramlington has been equally good.

My mum, Joyce Cummings, was taken into the Emergency Care Hospital on August 6. Even before she arrived there she’d been prepared for admission by the wonderful paramedic, Dan, who arrived on his motorbike and acted swiftly to stabilise Mum. Dan was professional, but treated Mum with humanity.

The ambulance staff did their job well and Mum was soon admitted to critical care, where the staff set about carrying out various tests to establish what was wrong with her. She was then transferred to the coronary unit.

At all times as a family we felt we could talk with the nursing staff and doctors, who readily made themselves available, particularly Dr Honey Thomas on the coronary unit, Rebecca the ward receptionist, and Maxine the occupational therapist, who all went the extra mile.

Sadly the medical problems Mum was experiencing could not easily be overcome and she made the brave decision not to continue treatment. This then posed a problem for the coronary unit as Mum was then not an emergency, and therefore in the wrong place. However the staff were able to put together a care package at short notice and she was able to go home, which is what she wanted.

At home the support services from Monkseaton Medical Centre co-ordinated Mum’s care and also liaised with Macmillan and Marie Curie nurses. Mum was later admitted to the Palliative Care ward at Redesdale Court, Rake Lane, where again she received excellent care, particularly from nurse Meera so that she was able to end her life peacefully, surrounded by us, her family.

At first I was sceptical of the changes being made to our local hospitals and support services. Now, having experienced their care at first hand, we as a family feel very lucky to live in the North Tyneside area.

Noreen Rees

On behalf of the family of Joyce Cummings