House facing host of changes, says Mary Glindon MP

What a fortnight it has been with so many unexpected changes and challenges at a helter-skelter pace.

Thursday, 14th July 2016, 12:08 pm
Mary Glindon MP for North Tyneside.

We used to say a week is a long time in politics, but that seems to have been reduced to an hour.

Who knows what could change between my writing this and you reading it?

The Commons has said farewell to David Cameron and welcomed Theresa May as the Prime Minister.

She may use the opportunity to dump policies we can all agree have not worked, but we will see.

I will certainly be adding my voice to the need for such changes and for opposing the government, as is our duty.

Mrs May denies she wants an early election – and that is more difficult because the Commons agreed a fixed term Parliament at the start of the Conservative coalition with the Liberal Democrats.

But I have a suspicion that she will seek a fresh mandate.

Whichever party is in charge, we need a cross-party consensus on what sort of relationship we want with the EU as we negotiate Brexit and ensure the economy does not tank.

I am eager for my party to help define that new consensus, win an election, and repair our country’s divisions with a reset in politics and economics.

Labour is just beginning a leadership contest and needs a leader who has appeal beyond the party and can win the confidence of the whole country.