HOUSING: Scheme out of keeping

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I take issue with the response of Places For People to concerns about new housing opposite Marine Park Primary School, (News Guardian, June 29).

Of 64 properties, only ten flats and one house are for affordable rent.

The others, including the “luxury penthouse apartments with sea views” on the fourth floor, are for sale.

The 64 units will have 82 parking places, plus nine for visitors.

Will this be “affordable and market housing for local people”?

The developer refers to a reduction from 94 houses. This was a planning proposal referred back by the planning committee, not taken forward by Places For People.

In fact, the land is designated by North Tyneside Council as being suitable for 41 houses.

I am not objecting to houses being built, but a four-storey development with 64 units is too much for this small piece of land.

Places For People did indeed contact residents, with a small piece of paper tucked into a large wad of takeaway menus and other fliers.

Most residents didn’t realise this was a planning proposal and had to fish it out of the recycling bin when alerted.

I contacted Places For People to point out that its flier hadn’t worked and was told someone would ring me back. I’m still waiting.

Residents understand the need for more family homes in Whitley Bay, but this development is out of character in residential streets of two-storey houses.

Jean Laurie

Whitley Bay