HOUSING: Too many for one place

I read with interest the letter from Mr Shires regarding the Murton Gap houses, (News Guardian, November 30).

Friday, 22nd December 2017, 5:39 am

I agree that some elder folk should have more respect for the staff holding the meeting, but we have genuine concerns about the number of houses in one area.

Our roads are already blocked with traffic, especially morning and evening, and new roads within the estate will still be joining Earsdon Road, Park Lane, New York Road and Rack Lane – then the already busy roads will be at a standstill.

The other concern is GP services. One of the surgeries in Shiremoor resource centre is closing as there are no GPs to run it. A new surgery on the new estate will be useless if there are no medical staff to run it.

Our area couldn’t cope with 3,000 new homes, and I hope the council realises this before all traffic is at a standstill and people will be without GPs.

I know there must be new homes, but no so many in one place.

Jacqueline Thompson