How is housing project of benefit?

The ruling Labour group on North Tyneside has just sent out for consultation a proposal that would see the majority of 5,500 new council houses being built at the coast.

Former councillor George Partis believes that this proposal would create one vast housing estate effectively joining Backworth and Shiremoor with Monkseaton and Whitley Bay.

Who are all these new homes intended for?

The council’s in-house publication, Our North Tyneside (winter 2013), admits to ‘a gap between the housing available for rent and the needs of local people of 479 affordable homes’.

Council housing officials confirm a waiting list of about 1,200 and council statistics confirm a declining population in North Tyneside, down by 1.8 per cent since 1991 and expected to ‘remain stable’ longer term.

We should also be aware that the council house waiting list is no longer a local concern but available online to anyone, nation-wide, who has enough points.

If this huge and uncalled for project is not for the benefit of the borough’s residents then we need to be told why.

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