How many use this waste collection service?

NORTH Tyneside Council has informed me and others it is to make a £20 charge for the collection of garden waste. What a liberty.

According to the council this is one of its success stories.

However, not everyone makes use of this, or so I’m told.

It now gives the council the opportunity to cash in on this success.

I am an elderly person on fixed income – no allowances whatsoever – and I already pay £132 per month in council taxes.

I try to keep my garden nice, not only for myself but also for people who pass my door and are kind enough to speak their appreciation.

The council is to be commended for the beautifully maintained flower beds in our region, but it is coming from public funds contributed by myself and thousands of others.

It would be of interest to know how many people do use the collection service and those who don’t.

Perhaps someone from the council would enlighten us all?