How much longer will we suffer the bridge repairs?

I AM sure that many residents in Whitley Bay, having received and read the recent letter from Nexus concerning the repairs to the road bridge in Front Street, Monkseaton, will be wondering how in the 21st century is it possible to take 12 months to replace 100 yards of pipes and cables?

The answer is, in my opinion, due to poor planning and organisation by Nexus and it’s partners United Utilities.

They are the ones who dig a whole, put up temporary traffic lights and leave it for two weeks before coming back to finish the job, often leaving the road surface in a worse condition than it was before (as the residents of Cullercoats will surely agree with).

I am sure residents will be delighted to read that the restrictions will be lifted for the North Tyneside International Football Tournament in July – perhaps this was to spare any embarrassment and bad publicity due to the chaos which would have been caused by the additional volume of traffic.

The letter goes on to say that an additional four months work is required after that but they are unable to set a date because they are going to plan in detail with North Tyneside and the utility companies in order to reduce the time the work takes.

Does this mean that when signs went up at the beginning of the year saying that it would be completed in June that either no planning had taken place or that in fact nobody had any idea how long it would take and just plucked a date out of the air?

The latter would appear to be the case.

I am sure many people will have passed over the bridge many times without seeing any signs of life and wished that the Carling advert which showed all the utilities working together was a reality not just an advertising man’s dream.