Hundreds comment on Plan

Hundreds of residents and organisations have had their say on plans to shape the future of North Tyneside.

During the latest consultation on North Tyneside Council’s Draft Local Plan, more than 2,300 comments have been made from 510 residents and organisations.

All comments, submitted during a seven-week consultation in February and March, are currently being considered and will help the council inform further development of the emerging plan.

Once formally approved, the Local Plan will provide a strategy to guide development and consider planning applications, in some cases making it harder for appeals to be won by housing developers.

No decisions have yet been taken on the emerging Local Plan.

Another round of consultation and examination is scheduled for later in the year once the latest comments have been considered, before an independent planning inspector will recommend whether it should be formally adopted by the council.

The plan and its associated policies must go through a number of formal stages – including another round of consultation and an examination in public – before an independent planning inspector will recommend whether it should be adopted.

A council spokesperson said: “The final Local Plan will be used to plan ahead to protect North Tyneside’s open spaces and green belt, where development will be resisted, and identify sites for the homes and jobs for residents that are needed both now and into the future up to 2032.

“It will replace the current Unitary Development Plan, which was adopted in 2002 and contains a number of key policies which are now out of date against new national guidelines.”

Once adopted, any application for development by a landowner or developer is still subject to the normal planning approval process. This allows anyone to submit feedback, to be taken into consideration by the Planning Committee when making a decision.

The Council published a previous draft of the plan in November 2013.

The consideration of the latest feedback will inform a Publication Draft Local Plan. If approved, the plan will then be published and subject to further public consultation in late summer 2015.

Following consultation on the Publication Draft Local Plan, it will be submitted to the Secretary of State, and heard by a government inspector early next year.

The final approved Plan would be expected to be adopted later in 2016.