Hundreds of properties without power as cable stolen

Thieves have caused hundreds of properties to be without power in Longbenton after stealing cable from an electricity substation.

A total of 245 properties currently have no electricity following the overnight break in at the substation on Elmsford Grove in Longbenton.

Thousands of pounds worth of damage was caused, and an emergency generator is being sent to the site to help provide local residents with hot food and drinks.

Engineers have also been working on repairs since the break in was reported just after midnight on Tuesday April 16.

Northern Power Grid are hoping power will be restored by 4pm today.

A Northern Power Grid spokesman said: “These thieves have shown complete disregard for people’s safety and the damage they’ve caused has left so many properties without power for the best part of a day.

“They’ve taken cable with a financial value of just a few pounds, yet left damage costing thousands of pounds to repair.

“After breaking in, the substation with cables carrying thousands of volts has been left insecure until our engineers arrived on scene to make the situation safe.

“This is a reckless act that so easily could have resulted in innocent people getting hurt.

“We would ask that anyone who saw anything suspicious around our Longbenton East substation to contact us or the police.”

Northumbria Police have said enquiries in to the incident are ongoing and ask anyone with any information to contact them on 101 ext 69191