I am a candidate, but a resident first

In response to Mrs Shaw’s letter (News Guardian, March 6), it is disappointing she on the one hand voices her concern for our police station but then chooses to put party politics first.

For the record, yes I am the Conservative candidate in the local elections to be held in May, but first and foremost I am a resident who cares passionately about the town in which I live.

Judging from the response I received from residents in the Park View centre I am not alone.

Many of the people who signed the petition and engaged in conversation would, no doubt, have been of different political leanings but that did not prevent them from focusing on the most important factor, Vera Baird’s decision to close Whitley Bay police station.

The residents were not consulted before deciding on the closure of their police station.

Every organisation has been asked to play its part in reducing spending to deal with the debt.

Since Mrs Shaw has chosen to make this a political issue, I should perhaps make the point that Labour leaders have stated that they would not reverse any of the cuts.

All I am asking, along with the majority of residents, is that Vera Baird consider other options to save money rather than close our police station. Perhaps she could scrap the advertising campaign currently on show on the Metro system.

Frank Austin

Whitley Bay