I am pleased to say zebra crossing approved

As part of my engagement with residents of Battle Hill Ward, it was identified that a zebra crossing should be installed to help alleviate the safety concerns of young children whilst crossing the busy Mullen Road in order to get to school.

This was viewed as a priority and urgent when I submitted a request for a zebra crossing over a year ago.

I identified funding to pay for this from the area forum budget, and the statutory consultation was then carried out.

Unfortunately because a resident objected to the proposal, a ‘traffic regulation order’ would have had to be created and go for approval to the former mayor and her cabinet.

The date I was given for that cabinet meeting was March 2013, which was just before the end of the financial year, but as no decision was forthcoming at that meeting, the scheme had to be carried forward into the new financial year.

Because funding for the area forums was not included by the previous mayor in her new budget, it meant that funding for the crossing was in danger of being sidelined. I have objected to this likely outcome most strongly.

Thankfully, last week I have had it confirmed that the mayor and her cabinet have approved the installation and work is to commence at once with the new zebra crossing being finished within two weeks.

With the dark nights setting in and the increase in commuting traffic along Mullen Road, this will be a great asset towards our schoolchildren’s safety.

Coun Dave McGarr

Battle Hill Ward