I believe short-term parking an advantage on this road

I AM an experienced but only occasional cyclist. I live close to the Marden Road and pass along it as a pedestrian daily, often as many as three times.

Contrary to Tom Bailey’s opinion (News Guardian, letters, April 19), I view the addition of short-term parking spaces on the west side of Marden Road as an advantage to cyclists and pedestrians, and to visitors to the town centre.

At the same time as the widening of the road a 20mph speed limit has been introduced throughout the busiest part of the town centre.

Short-term parking on both sides will further slow traffic on this stretch of road.

This does cause additional congestion but in the fullness of time the through traffic, which forms the majority of vehicles, just might take the hint and use routes that avoid the town centre.

I have never seen any cyclist using the grass verges, legally or otherwise.

A minority of adult cyclists use the pavements on both sides, illegally.

As to the idea of making the grass verges cycle paths – Marden Road is only 200 metres long and only half this length had grass verges.

Cycle paths adjacent to a narrow roadway pose a greater danger to cyclists from overtaking motor vehicles than to those cyclists who assert their right to the roadway by using the single carriageway.