I feel obliged to apologise for town

My own letter (News Guardian, October 9) was a rather tongue in cheek, ‘Citizen Smith’ inspired rant along the lines of ‘Freedom for Tooting’, Robert Lindsay’s Ernie Lynch-style call to arms opening the 1977-80 sit-com, Citizen Smith.

They don’t make sit-coms like that any more ... but I digress.

By contrast, Alan Embleton’s letter (News Guardian, October 23), was informative and well researched yet came to the same conclusion – 40 years of North Tyneside Council and what do we have to show for it?

To answer my own question: 40 years of council mismanagement has at least taught me how to apologise. I feel obliged to do so every time I introduce old friends or long lost relatives to Whitley Bay.

I apologise for the semi-derelict town centre, for the numerous crumbling eyesores besmirching the once grand seafront, for the inexplicable and unforgivable re-routing of the road away from the coast and around the back of the Dome, from which aspect surely one of England’s ugliest buildings.

As a parting shot to all pub quiz or general knowledge buffs, ten bonus points and a chance at the jackpot for anyone who can identify the aforementioned Ernie Lynch.

Colin Johnson

Whitley Bay