I hope this realises value for money

Don’t we all wish we could vote ourselves a pay rise?

Councillors justify their allowance increase on the grounds that they have not increased for five years.

I notice that the price of milk and petrol is about the same as it was five years ago, due to market forces.

I attribute the fall in prices of – say smart TVs or cellphones – to technological advances; or of course I can buy newer models with enhanced performance and features at greater cost.

Meanwhile, productivity improvement at the likes of Nissan enables then to effectively maintain year-on-year prices.

Then again, ‘quantative easing’ might be making them feel hard done to, with the ‘buy now, pay later’ philosophy eroding the value of real earned income and savings too.

Perhaps they’ve increased allowances simply ‘because they can’; after all, they’re effectively a monopoly.

However, another perspective might suggest that increased one party control might suggest that meetings attended could be shorter – especially if dissenters are excluded, also bearing in mind that budgets are squeezed and there are fewer funds to allocate.

But I do see a glimmer of hope. We are now being invited to buy tickets for the attractions at the 2015 Mouth of the Tyne Festival. Pay now for delivery in six months.

I’m sure the event will be a great success and hope the approach may encourage imaginative thinking about what constitutes value-for-money and hope it can be realised in the borough.

A Council Tax Payer

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