I look forward to viewing plans

I was disappointed to hear that the ‘Save and Revamp the Boardwalk’ group had had their petition rejected by North Tyneside Council on the grounds that it fell short of the required number to trigger a debate (News Guardian, September 25).

They had campaigned to continue to have a cafe at the bottom of Watts Slope where the Boardwalk Café is situated.

The main reason for the petition being rejected was that 800 people had signed who lived outside North Tyneside.

I know the group had worked amazingly hard to collect 2,300 signatures, and this does seem an unfair rule.

Surely people sign a petition because they care about a particular issue, regardless of their geographical location?

However, I hope the group will gain satisfaction from the fact that 800 people who did not live in North Tyneside were still passionate about keeping the Boardwalk Café (or at least a café on the site).

This is a mark of how much the café has a place in the hearts of people here and beyond.

In the autumn edition of the council’s publication Our North Tyneside, it was stated that plans for improving the Northern Promenade (which of course includes the Boardwalk site) are being finalised and ‘will be the subject of public consultation later in the year’.

I look forward to hearing about when and where this consultation will take place, and hope that this will be an opportunity to view the plans.

Noreen Rees

Whitley Bay