I urge you to vote as your cross matters

Westminster is in the grips of election fever in what already feels like the longest election campaign in history.

Any important legislation – and there’s precious little – is drowned out by rows at PMQ’s and whether there will be televised debates.

Even the budget due on March 18 seems likely to have one eye on the economy and the other on the election.

The political pundits are united in one view at least – that it’s hard to see any single party having an overall majority after May 7.

Parties therefore veer between attacking each other and recognising that they may yet have to court them. In the meantime they keep their fingers crossed that the latter won’t be necessary.

But at the heart of this election – the same here as every constituency – is choosing who to elect as MP to represent the local area.

The MP and constituency link is in my view the most important aspect of our constitution. Then maybe it’s a case of electors crossing their fingers and hoping that their MP has the judgement to best defend their interests. However you intend to vote, I would urge you to vote because your cross matters.