IMPROVEMENT: More needs to be done for visitors

So Mayor Norma Redfearn is basking in figures that show Whitley Bay as the most improved shopping centre. (News Guardian, September 10).

I wonder if there are other figures which show which of these establishments are still open after a few months before being turned into charity shops.

The council is said to be actively trying to encourage visitors, yet where are any signs to show the way to the tourist information centre (TIC)?

The beautiful bright library, which houses the TIC, is approached at the centre of Whitley Bay through a dingy alleyway.

The other ways to approach the library are less intimidating, but not found unless given directions by locals.

In this age when libraries are under threat and the council is trying to encourage “vibrant visitors”, why does it not clean up the alleyway and erect signs to the most modern impressive building Whitley Bay has?

Michelle McCarthy

Whitley Bay