Improvement needed at main roundabout

I AM writing regarding the roundabout situated at Station Road/Wiltshire Gardens in Wallsend and the problems related to it.

This is a very badly marked and sited roundabout and needs to be improved on.

The problem begins at the main Coast Road roundabout just south of this location.

There are a large amount of overgrown/hung trees that mask traffic on the junction from vehicles entering that roundabout, that is one issue.

The main problems, however, are for vehicles entering Wiltshire Gardens travelling south in Station Road.

And likewise vehicles turning right from Wiltshire Gardens in to Station Road.

I have had some very near misses on this roundabout and wherever possible avoid it via a different route.

I am sure many local residents have had similar issues at this location, and it is only a matter of time before someone is killed or seriously injured.

The problems also exist for those on foot as there is no pedestrian crossing provided, though there is a central refuge for pedestrians to run the gauntlet, so to speak.

However every other exit road from the main Coast Road roundabout has a pedestrian crossing.

One of the main problems is the speed of traffic of vehicles, which is a driver issue.

But implementing measures to reduce that are down to the council.

I have contacted the local authority expressing concerns but get negative response to the problem, which is not going to go away.

I thought I was wasting my time when informed overhung/grown trees act as a road safety feature when they obscure traffic, the ostrich syndrome comes to mind.

I am now hoping there are other local residents who will also contact the local authority to impress the need to improve/re site or just do something to improve what is a dangerous section of main road.


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