IMPROVEMENTS: Keep natural evening light

After reading the mayor's upbeat report on the proposed lighting and shelters to be installed at the sea front in Whitley Bay (News Guardian, June 23), I thought I'd nip over to South Tyneside for a look at what it has done.

Thursday, 14th July 2016, 6:00 am
Whitley Bay Seafront Picture by Jane Coltman

After all, it’s often said they do things much better over there, and the council’s chief executive came to us from South Tyneside.

Oh dear! South Shields has the most ugly street lamp columns marching into the distance I’ve ever seen.

Each column splits into two opposing curves, representing what? Maybe a sinking yacht mast five minutes from disaster?

The mayor waxed lyrical over the proposed new shelters with ‘sustainable lighting’

Sorry, we may need new shelters, but I suggest the last thing we need is to have them lit. Nor do we need the promenade to have lighting columns. Has anyone in charge even asked why they have been proposed? Most people strolling along the promenade at dusk appreciate the natural feel to the coast as daylight slowly fades.

I doubt anyone would prefer the unnecessary harsh intense blue/white light from LED street lamps.

Coastal improvement, yes, but please leave the enjoyable natural evening environment alone.

Neal McCay

Whitley Bay