IMPROVEMENTS: Plans at odds with the environment

North Tyneside Council seems to be following the same glorious pathway as T Dan Smith and John Poulson who ‘improved’ the look of Newcastle by wholesale destruction of long-standing buildings and replacement with 1960’s concrete.

The destruction of the Boardwalk Cafe is an example. It being replaced with a hut. In what way is this an ‘improvement’?

As if this were not enough, the plans for a glass and steel cafe at the relatively unspoilt St Mary’s headland are totally at odds with the natural wild feel of the surrounding area.

Admittedly, the building itself is very good in design terms, but the location is totally wrong.

The good news is that if the improvements take as long as the Dome bypass road and car park, then the St Mary’s headland is safe for years to come.

Finally, the proposed demolition of the three shelters on the main promenade will mean that during the not infrequent downpours visitors will get soaked to the skin. Will they return? I think not.

Dave Branthwaite

Preston Village