Is demolition not a tad premature?

I was appalled to read the article ‘Council plans to demolish cafe to improve views’ (News Guardian, August 14).

Firstly, as there are no fixed plans for the Spanish City Dome at present, who knows at this stage whether the Boardwalk Cafe will block any necessary views, so isn’t demolition a tad premature?

Secondly, what business is it of the council whether or not any business run on the premises is ‘viable’?

Surely, as long as the tenant pays the required rent, that is where the council’s interests should cease.

But most importantly, there has been a cafe in the vicinity of Watts Slope for the 100 years and no question has ever been raised about it blocking any views in all that time.

The council appear determined to rip the heart out of Whitley Bay. The Boardwalk Cafe is part of that heart, history and tradition of this seaside resort.

Tony Colwell

Whitley Bay