Island group seeking help to develop a sensory garden

THE Friends of St Mary’s Island are developing a sensory garden at the lighthouse using aromatic plants this season.

We wish to assist and support the education work of the manager and wardens.

The sensory garden will be used as an educational resource by the wardens.

There are 4,500 pupil visits on courses per annum from across northern England to the island (besides Spain and Norway).

The Friends of St Mary’s Island supply the plants and volunteer their labour while financing the project from our funds.

We would like to thank the Mel Weir Trust donation for the grant to our funding.

Please can anyone assist our work by donating surplus plants or cuttings bearing aromatic stems, leaves or flowers, and perhaps help with the ‘seashore activities’ and maintenance?

Come along to the island to appreciate the honey scent of the seakale this season.

We shall be most grateful for any help with this worthwhile endeavour.

Please telephone (0191) 200 8650 or e-mail if you can help in any way


On behalf of

The Friends of St Mary’s Island