It is a duty to clean up the dog mess

And so once again the witch hunt towards dog owners who live at the coast returns.

First I have to agree that the amount of dog mess littering the pavements etc is an absolute disgrace and something does need to be done about it.

I do believe the council needs to sort out a task force and start issuing fines to those irresponsible owners who don’t clean up after their pets.

It’s an unavoidable by-product of owning a dog, and owners have a legal responsibility to clean up after them.

The disgust that dog mess causes to those who have trod in it, and the effect it has on our local parks and beaches is felt by responsible owners as much as anyone else.

However banning dogs from public places is not the answer, as all it will do is move the problem elsewhere, and why should council tax paying residents like myself be denied access?

Sadly the general understanding of the rare Toxocara Canis infection is limited to hysterical media reports and hearsay.

The eggs of the Toxocara worm take over two weeks to hatch and become active, there are no health risks to you from immediately cleaning up after your dog.

Toxocara infections are very rare and are more likely to affect children because of their play habits, but adults can become ill too.

The incidence of all Toxocara induced diseases in the UK is only two cases per million of the population (and no they don’t all lose their sight).

If deposited in soil, the eggs can lie dormant for up to three years in the right conditions and foxes and cats are also potential Toxocara hosts. It can be prevented if people de-worm their pets every three to six months.

There will always be the anti-dog brigade among us and I agree that there is a problem, but as the owner of two dogs I also have to constantly watch where I’m treading to avoid the broken glass, vomit and other discarded filth that also litters the pavements, not to mention having to have eyes in the back of my head watching for the lycra clad wannabe Bradley Wiggens who come hurtling along.

It is every dog owner’s duty to clean up. There are no excuses it is unacceptable.

L Martin

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